FamilySearch – A Great FREE Website to Start Researching Your Family Tree

When it comes to choosing a genealogy website to search your family history, no site comes close to FamilySearch when you consider the total monthly cost associated with membership. While you can pay up to $25 per month for some genealogy search sites, FamilySearch is in a league of its own with the unbeatable monthly membership fee of $0.00.

I have free accounts on the top genealogy sites and paid the monthly membership charge for two months on a premiere site, but after comparing the paid site with FamilySearch, it just made more sense for me to start my family tree education on a free site. Since I have already made the decision that genealogy will be a lifelong hobby of mine, why should I pay $300 a year for the ability to search for millions of records when I can do the same for no cost on FamilySearch?

Sure I admit there is a small learning curve on FamilySearch and the paid sites might make the act of searching a bit easier, but for the cost involved I think it’s worth mastering FamilySearch and investing the money saved on other things, since genealogy in general is not an inexpensive hobby.

My strong recommendation for anyone getting started in searching their family history is to create an account on FamilySearch and check out online tutorials on how to use the site to it full capacity. Have fun!

Published by Phillip Vélez

Communication Professional and Writer/Blogger

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