Family Search – The premier free family search platform where you can search records and build you a shared family tree.

Family Search Puerto Rico Genealogy – Guide to Puerto Rico ancestry, family history and genealogy.

WikiTree – A free site where you can create and build a collaborative family tree and be part of an awesome community of genealogists.

National Genealogical Society – Free Resources to begin researching your family history.

Puerto Rican Genealogy – Informative site about Puerto Rican genealogy.

BoricuaGenes – a great website/blog focused on Puerto Rican genealogy.

Latino Genealogy & Beyond – a blog containing culturally relevant information and history regarding people of color-based genealogy.

National Archives Genealogy Resources – Links for how to do genealogical research, genealogy resources around the world, and searchable databases.

Puerto Rico Genealogy Research Guide – The New York Public Library’s resource page on Puerto Rican genealogy.

Free Genealogy Sites to Search Today – Family History Daily provides a list of 50 free genealogy sites.

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