WikiTree: A Genealogy Community Collaborating to Create a Single Global Family Tree

As a new amateur genealogist, I have come across a great number of websites, tools, and software that aim to assist me in growing my family tree. There is a wealth of resources in the field of family history and it is easy to get lost in all the research possibilities. As a beginner in tracing my kindred, it is important for me to connect with a community where I can learn from experts who have been successful in studying their ancestry.


As a proud member of WikiTree, I can say that I have found a dedicated community of family historians that are friendly, knowledgeable, and generous about sharing there genealogical challenges and triumphs. I joined WikiTree just two weeks ago and I already know that I will be active in the community for many years to come. Registering was easy and I appreciate that active members must sign an Honor Code to ensure that information is accurate and well sourced.

WikiTree was founded in 2008 and allows users individually to research and to contribute to their own personal family trees while building and collaborating on a singular worldwide family tree within the same system. The social-networking genealogy website has almost 24 million profiles and is edited by almost 715,000 genealogists from around the world.

I enjoyed creating my profile/bio, adding my family tree, and earning activity badges along the way. I hope to find other kin online that can help me break through my brick walls and filling the missing links in my family tree.

If you are new to genealogy and want to connect with a thriving community of genealogist of all skill levels, you cannot go wrong by becoming a WikiTree member. You can take a enormous leap forward in constructing your family tree and in the process help form a free universal platform that helps everyone connect to their common ancestors.

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